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Lovely autumn Walk

Bijgewerkt op: 30 dec. 2019

Today i made a nice walk in nature with my best four feet friend Luna.

different meadows separated by locally typical hawthorn hedges

Yesterday it was Very Cold, with a strong wind.

but Today it was great for a nice walk.

not very cold, and despite the weather forecast it was still dry.

ok, except for some puddles on the road

and as always Luna has to enter the water. {~_~}

the Autumn is here, and that comes with beautiful Colors.

also the wild annimals like deers and porc's are very busy with each other.

so i was hoping in spotting some of them.

Sadly some motor mouse where crossing on their bike's.

so the only animal photo i could take other than Luna, was of a cow.

the cows where very curious, and Luna didnt know what to do with them.

should she just pass or play with them. that was funny to see.

it was a nice walk. and probably the last dry day for this week.

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