Lost in the forest, and dyed my hair

Bijgewerkt: 30 dec 2019

so, Today i was walking With Luna (you know, that brown hairy friend) in the Forest near the Notre dam of Banneux. it should be a Short walk, because i had a lot of plans for today at home.

in my mind, i was just a small forest, but unfortunately i got lost.


normaly i could always find my way back, but today it took almost one hour from the moment i knew i was wrong.

the forest was realy a much bigger than I thought.

lately, after a Quick stop at the Market, the first thing I did was grab a cup of coffee and a bag of chips {~_~} .

then it was time to Dye my hair. <3

always a fun thing to do.

the gloves are always to small, so also this time.

i realy like the color.

what do you think?

let me know {~_-}

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