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exploration of the " Indiana jones quary"

a few days ago, i did a very cool and dangerous exploration.

with some friends we found the Location of an old Stone mine.

and to make it more exciting, its almost in our backyard.

so the next day we took our equipment and closing the door to go on a adventure!

the entrance was eay to find when you know where to search.

but it was very slippery.

inside the quary it was getting more dangerous with all the rolling stones.

but it was worth it.

inside the quary the first thing i was

thinking of is about the big dwarfen city and mines

very cool !!!

big pillars of stone holding the top of the also very big rooms.

the name indiana jones comes from the big part of the quary where you find long passages with rail tacks, a lot of old rail

bridges and old mining carts,

very unique.

read and see more about it at, indiana jones Quary.

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