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60 million ophrans world wide, Let's put even more children into the world

Bijgewerkt op: 30 dec. 2019

let me first say how Happy i am for the Lhbtq community that it is getting easier to get childeren via a donor mother.

but at the same time i'm thinken, "there are around the 60.000.000 ophran's in the world, why do we need to breed more childeren?!

why cant we make it easier for those people to adopt a child that is in need for love from a great and loving family?

everyone is talking about problems about to many childeren, too many people, etc.

and everyone is talking about too many ophrans,

but i see no one that is willing to solve this problem......

make it first easier for the lhbtq community to adopt those childeren.

and let's give them all a new home.....

the link directs you to the dutch news site "NOS":

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