Sanatorium du Basil

In the Belgian Ardennes, stands the imposing stately building.

This sanatorium, also called 'Sanatorium du basil'.

The initiative to build a sanatorium came in 1899 from the director of the Bacteriological Laboratory, Ernest Malvoz.

Construction began around 1900 and in 1903 the first patients were received.

The location on a hill in the middle of a forest was not chosen randomly.

Due to the clean air and soothing environment it provides a favourable climate for tuberculosis patients to recover.

the south-facing building has been designed in such a way that, that due to its curved shape, it can take full advantage of the sunlight.

This have a positive effect on the treatment.

The characteristic main building is set up in the east, 

and a tower with clock in the centre.

In the west was the medical ward. with on the ground floor a pool for rehabilitation. 

On the first floor at the back was the canteen and kitchen.

The laundry and boiler room were located on the ground floor with a beautifully masonry brick chimney.

After the period, as the convalescent home for tuberculosis patients,

the building served as a psychiatric institution and as an asylum seekers' centre.

As a result, the building was closed due to the enormous service costs.

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now it is heavy damaged due mostly teenagers that like to destroy everything. 

its also a resort for drug junkies and other suspucious folk. 

also story's about ghosts and spirits go all around the internet. 

now there is one place in the building that feel very uncomfortable. 

that is in the middle/west ground floor and looks a bit like a crematorium to burn dead people.

never go there alone for your own safety. 

its truly sad that a place like this is left to its fate. 

no future,

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