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ABDL Mittens

My first pair of self made Mittens !!!


they are thick, warm and soft.

very cozy to wear. 


or put them on your Little and lock it with a chain and lock, or with tie wraps. 


i sell this pair, because i made my self new ones. to learn and upgrade my skills. 


and with selling this, i hope to raise a little money for my hobby and Little life.  

they are self made by Ariël Wassenaar. 

in stock : 1

price : €15.00 

cheapest option !!

attention!  €0.50 service costs

extra information

the Mittens are self made.

filled with a thick and warm cloth filling.

thick, warm and pretty. 

made by Ariël Wassenaar. 

It will be sent to you in a big A4 enveloppe. only within Europe.

sending price = €6.00.

if you want to buy more different items in my shop. please use the "order now" button instead of Paypal.  

note: This shop and sale of self-made items is a hobby. I use the proceeds to finance the website and the materials used. 

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