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Indiana Jones Quary Mine

The Indiana Jones Quary is Located in the Belgium Ardennes. 

nearest town is Comblain-La-Tour. 

there isnt much information yet about this Quary. only that we know they needed the sand stone for making The roads in this Region. 


The Entrance is Easy to be found. 

but its steep and slippery.

when you enter the Quary, make sure you have enough light and battery's with you. 

finding the way back out of the Quary isnt difficult, so no Worries. 

The right part of the mine consists of very large spaces held upright by very large stone columns. 

very impressive 

it's very reminiscent of lord of the rings. the dwarves mines and town. 

in the left-hand section you will find a wealth of tracks and mining wagons. a lot of height differences where the tracks cross bridges. 

and this is where the name of indiana jones comes from. so many corridors, tracks and bridges. everything crosses. 

to get here you have to climb over many loose and mountains of stones. not very safe, but good to do. 



when you descend further into the quarry on the left, you'll find some old tools and an old newspaper. very cool.

we are certainly going to take another look at this. 

Take a look at the pictures below. 
more pictures will follow

and leave your comment or question at the bottom of this page. 

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