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 Heid des Gattes 

heid des Gattes is located in the municipality of Aywaille.

It is a protected natural area situated on 2 large plateaus halfway a large mountain wall. 

In the past, these were large quarries that provided the whole region with stone, but were also put on transport.

large cable cars ran from the quarry across the valley to the other side. 

the railway line between hatch and luxembourg still runs here today. 

quite an achievement at the time. 


the route is easy to follow.

You can easily park your car at one of the supermarkets or in the 2 villages Aywaille or Remouchamps.

the least steep climb up is anticlockwise. so start right at the bottom of the map in Remouchamps. 

click here to view the map on my strava acount. 

When you walk on a plateau like this, you only feel the immense surface area where the 100 meters high cliffs make you feel very small. 


The alternation of bushes, hills, grass meadows and rocks doesn't let it get boring easily. 

The many flowers and plants give a nice variation of vegetation, and salamanders and snakes crawl everywhere. 


the vegetation is kept short by real mountain goats. these professional climbers can be encountered very well halfway up the cliff.


when you continue the trip, you'll end up at a lookout post after a tough climb. 

This is where you'll find the remains of the world war. 

At the time artillery was placed here, they were short of materials and had to contend with a lot of broken tanks. 

What they did was take the turret and artillery from the tank, and mount it back as artillery on small artillery bunkers. 

You can still find a lot of them in this area. 

At the top of the mountain walk on nice narrow roads between the meadows towards the village of Sur la Heid.

A very cute village. But not much to do. 

The hike continues unpaved again, and you finally start the descent. 

halfway the descent you keep left to walk into the second quarry. 

This one is as impressive as the first. 

Both quarries still have old ruins. 

They always give a certain impression of the times.

And especially beautiful pictures. 


At the bottom of the second quarry is the Chateau "Dieupart".

Now this is part of a campsite, and the Chateau contains several apartments for rent. 

it is well maintained and on the way back to Remouchamps you walk past.

definitely worth a look. you can also have a drink on the cozy terrace. 

a very nice walk that will take about 2 hours. 


I love to walk here every time. 


Would you like to take this walk sometime? 

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Did you done the trip or have you been there before?

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