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Château d'Amblève

The Castle is perched high on a rock bordering the River.

Via a small path we walk up through the forest. 

it's quite a climb. but it's worth it because of this beautiful nature. 

when we get to the top it's still good to see. 

Although the ruin is really big, it's almost impossible to see it among all the trees and shrubs. 

We're on the entrance side of the castle.

There used to be a bridge that gave access to the main entrance.

Now we have to pass underneath and walk left around the ruin. 

shooters holes and small roads and bridges are still recognizable.

it immediately gives us a good idea about the layout of the terrain and the castle.  

we enter the courtyard through a small portal. 

It's incredible how big this castle must have been. 

And so clever how it was built in those days. 

We walk around and come across an old fire pit with an intact chimney, a large cellar whose staircase is no longer there. And a large tower. 

From the big tower we really have a beautiful view over the municipality of Aywaille and the river Amblève. when we walk further over the edge we look down on the local brewery Elfique.  

The ruin is in a bad state. 

Everywhere we see it slowly crumbling because of the weather conditions and man. 

but the combination of the ruin and Nature together is fairy-like. 

And it gives a very special feeling to walk around here. 

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One of the first mentions of the castle dates back to 741, since Griffon, Charles Martel's son, is said to have been locked up there. In 855, Emperor Lothaire II of Germany gave Sprimont to the Abbey of Stavelot, which receives the fortified house named Tour de Sprimont, the origin of the castle. In the thirteenth century, the castle itself is built and until 1578 date of its demolition, it ensures the protection and defense of Sprimont.

The Château d'Emblève, is erroneously called Château d'Amblève indeed, the site is located on the commune of Aywaille in the locality and/or hamlet of Emblève, on the other hand the river, is spelled well Amblève.

In fact, there are two castles of Emblève, the current one is the home of the owners it is located on the banks of the river Amblève, the ruins are located a little further downstream at the top of a large cliff overlooking the river. This rock, is the highest of the Amblève valley and one of the largest in the country, it supports the ruins of the Château d'Emblève and/or Neufchasteau-sur-Emblève, this imposing medieval fortress was the seat of justice of Sprimont and the residence of its lords. Also known as the Castle of the Four Aymon Sons, it was built according to estimates in the 10th century and destroyed at the end of the 16th century. To be visited, for those who do not know it. In 1988, we opened one of the only two itineraries of the massif, "Le Donjon", a beautiful way of +/- 45 meters high, nostalgia when you hold us . 

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