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Beautiful, simple and elegant Charm with little bells. 

they are self made by Ariël Wassenaar. 

in stock : 1

price : €1.50

cheapest option !!

attention!  €0.50 service costs

extra information

the Charm is made out of a small silver chain with little bells and various types of pendants. 

the heart stands for love.
the flower for fragrance and beauty. 
the star for the universe, the world is bigger than we think in all aspects. 
the lock stands for closeness. you don't have to tell everything, you just have to tell the person with the right key.
and the bells stand for cheerfulness.  

self made by Ariël Wassenaar. 

It will be sent to you as a letter. only in Europe. 

if you want to buy more different items in my shop. please use the "order now" button instead of Paypal.  

note: This shop and sale of self-made items is a hobby. I use the proceeds to finance the website and the materials used. 

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