i'm happy to see you here!

my name is Ariël, 

i'm a nature / outdoor sports instructor in the Belgium Ardennes.

here on the site I keep a blog.

you can follow it !

i'm writing about different items. 

I write about things that I see, or that I experience.

about myself, #girlslikeus. my dog, hiking and more.

also i want to take you into some wonderful places or take you on a walk. 

you can explore it by holding your mouse on the Explore tab.

also i'm selling some smal things. 

made it by myself, or just things i dont use. 

so i can use the money for my site.

i hope you like it. 

dont forget to sign yourself in and leave some Comments!

lots of love

Ariël Wassenaar

please, leave your comment here ! 

i would love that !

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